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. If you meet the required attribute for the magic, you'll have successfully cast a spell in Elden Ring. Press up on the D-pad of your controller to cycle between equipped spells. As a bonus tip, hold up to quickly cycle back to the very first spell in your inventory. Some spells can be charged for increased effects, like most Dragon incantations. There are two Claymen spells available in Elden Ring, which require you to put levels into Arcane and Intelligence to use. There are no staffs that boost the spells. Aberrant Spells Aberrant spells are thorn-based. There are two available in the game and although they solely require levels in Faith, they are cast with a staff, not a talisman. . . . . Using Magic Step 2: Have the Spell in your Inventory & Equip It. It should come as no surprise that if you don't have the spell you wish to cast in your inventory, you won't be able to perform it. When you have a spell, go to a Site of Grace and choose "Memorize Spell," then equip it in an available slot. The bulk of Elden Ring's.

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